Mobile Safety  Reporting

Safety Management on the go

Manage project site documents from your mobile device – Phone or Tablet


Site Risk Assessment

Site Inspection Photos

Site Briefing / Toolbox Talk


Site Hazard Report

Incident Reporting

Worker Safety Evaluation

On-site Risk Assessment

Create your own site inspection list – as detailed as necessary – in the main section.

Perform site inspections before or during site activity.

Site Photo Inspections

Perform site inspections for a project as part of pre-project risk evaluation.

Capture site photographs in the job folder and complete pre-start checklists to establish possible risks.

Daily Site Briefings Made Easy

Use a mobile device to perform a site briefing / toolbox talk, following standard questions.

Record names of those on site, and/or photo of those present.

On Site Worker Evaluations

Use a mobile device to perform job safety evaluations on client workers while on site.

Incident Reporting

Real-time incident reporting. Capture all data and photo evidence. make notes.

Data is added to incident investigation form for easy completion and submission.

Mobile full index

Do reports on site – Save time later

Site data is recorded

Info is transferred to the main system automatically.

Reports are time stamped for reference and authenticity.