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A SAFETY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM is what a company uses to plan, prepare and maintain the necessary systems that ensure the health and safety of their own workers , and others that might get affected by their activities, is not negatively affected.

We achieve this using Q-Safe

Q-Safe is a unique software based SMS safety management system.

How can Q-Safe help you and your business?

Save an enormous amount of time by:

Using commonly accepted formats for documents.

Use documents supplied, which can be edited or replaced with your own content.

Easily update and edit if activities or risks change.

Duplicate and edit similar projects documents for a new and similar project – quickly!

Have a system in place which can be updated by anyone – no reliance on a single person.

Use documents supplied, which can be edited or replaced with your own content.

Remove reliance on external specialists for general safety matters.

Q-Safe has been helping business owners since 2015


Build safety management systems for multiple clients, or just your company

SMS Safety Software is a powerful tool for building a safety management system for your own company or for others.
Use the system to setup and maintain safety systems of multiple clients (PRO version) or for one company only (Standard or Premium).
Expiry dates.
Training certificates.
Worker management.
Subcontractor management.
Hazard identification.
Risk assessment.
Safe work procedures.
Tools and asset management.
Checklists and registers….. and more Full List HERE
……All are easy to update.

OSH – Occupational Safety and Health – OHS / SHE / SHEQ / SHERQ

It is a worldwide initiative to reduce or eliminate accidents in the workplace.

SMS Safety Software creates a detailed safety management system. The system allows you to keep your company compliant with the least amount of effort.

Effective compliance and systems prevents penalties by Government Safety Acts and Regulations

Our job is to help you achieve this.

CSSP – Contractor Site Safety Program

Proper site planning helps to reduce risk.

A CSSP is a detailed set of documents, based on commonly used guidelines.

It is part of your company safety management system and refers to one specific project.

SMS Safety Software allows you to create this quickly. You can then print it to a set of pdf or printed documents.

Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment

Health and safety is everybody’s responsibility.

It is the responsibility of company management to identify hazards relating to the company activity.

Risk assessments are an important part of identifying hazards.

See how to eliminate and reduce the risks.

SMS Safety Software has a powerful risk assessment builder tool. It will allow you to compile lists of risk components and their controls to reduce that risk.

Video on how to build Risk Assessments

Why is a SMS Safety Management System needed?

It will demonstrate to Clients and Principal Contractors that you have taken suitable precautions to ensure that the health and safety of your employees, nor any other person, is going to be negatively affected by the actions of your staff on site.
Why? An employer, or their appointed contractor, is legally responsible for all activities on site . An incident can negatively affect them. For this reason, they need to make sure – as far as is ‘reasonably practicable’ – that your employees will work in a safe manner. Therefore, a safety file needs to be SITE SPECIFIC. The information contained must only refer to the activities of that specific site. It is not a generic document.

Our software helps you achieve this. And we can set it up for you.

Quick 5 min video

View the SMS Safety Management System main components.


Have a quick look at this demo – 6min.

How can QSafe help your business? Our software has helped 1500+ business in build compliant safety files – QUICKLY.

Did you know, there is no ‘correct’ way to build a safety file? However, there is an accepted format or common practice. Q-Safe Software meets these requirements.

Safety Management System software license activation is done for you by humans.  Allow 24 hours.
Data is online, secure servers host the data.

Data is backed up continually to remote locations.

All data stored and customer information is strictly confidential and will not be shared with any other party.

A few samples.  Full list of documents and more samples available HERE


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Safety plans – Site specific according to guidelines from Site Safe and other companies. 

SSSP – Suitable for multiple site use. Site specific. 

Pre-qualification software and setup service – Impac, ISN, Sitewise, etc.

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Safety Files – Software and setup service. 

Safety Plans – Specific to projects – suitable for project sites and tender submission.